Ajantha Cakes

Sweet Elegant Cakes!

Ajantha cakes will reflect your taste and style. I specialize in designing from classic cakes to highly elegant cakes as well as creative and innovative cakes. There are so many ways of making cakes using different recipes, ingredients, and flavors. Different cakes and fillings present a completely different and love-able taste and I will work with you so that I design the cake of your dreams! Ajantha cakes will surely be the needed centerpieces that will make your day all the more special. Ajantha Cakes are widely recognized as edible masterpieces! All cakes are freshly baked using only the finest ingredients. I make Birthday Cakes, Character Cakes,Communion Cakes, Graduation Cakes, Holiday Cakes, Engagement Cakes, Wedding Cakes and cakes for many other occasions. I specialize in different kinds of cakes bakes, such as Butter Cake,Dates Cake, Chocolate Cake, Egg-less Cake, Sugar free Cake, Cheese Cake,Carrot Cake, Fruit Cake, Rich Cake and other Delicious Cakes. Butter Icing, White Icing, Chocolate Icing, Cream Cheese butter cream, Lemon butter cream, fondant Icing, Whipped creams are sweetly edible forms of cake decorating. People always love the realistic looking roses that I make for my cakes. I also adorn cakes with other beautiful edible objects that I make. I design all kind of cakes and can recreate any object you may find interesting into beautiful cakes to celebrate all occasions.