Ajantha Cakes

Sweet Elegant Cakes!

Each design is amazing, beautiful and it is a work of art.  Customers like my cakes, not just for my designs but also for how delicious the cakes taste.  What makes me bake and decorate is the interest I have for baking and decorating as well as the satisfaction I attain.  Sweetly edible Ajantha cakes will bring unbelievable heights of satisfaction.     I make Birthday cakes (Character cakes), Communion cakes, Graduation cakes, Engagement cakes, Wedding cakes and other cakes for various different occasions.  I specialize in different kinds of cake bakes such as Butter cake, Chocolate cake, Egg-free cakes, Dates cake, Fruit cake, Rich cake and other delicious cakes. Butter icing, Royal icing, and Fondant icing are sweetly edible forms of cake decorating that I can do.  I make roses and other objects that are very beautiful and they are very special because they look realistic.  I design all kinds of cakes and I can recreate any object one may find interesting into beautiful cakes or incorporate recreated objects as part of the cakes to celebrate all occasions. Now, my family members including my husband, son, and daughter encourage my success.